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HEY!!!! [
9/18/06 - 12:42 am







So do you guys have massive lazy parties in your Lazy House? [
9/6/06 - 6:39 pm
So, wtf? I haven't updated this thing at all since i've been to college. 

That's probably because I forgot to mention that, yes, I did get a new username. I know it will be a huge hassel to add my new name to your friends list, so I don't expect everyone to do it at once, but here it is:


Thanks to Courtney for coming up with it.

8/17/06 - 6:15 pm

In short -- 

College: awesome.....ish

But i still need a new username for livejournal. 

screw anyone who disagrees with any of the above information.
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Clarification [
8/16/06 - 8:34 pm
Best Buy does indeed have computer video games.

Price Check in the Dollar Store [
8/9/06 - 6:43 am
[ mood | determined ]

Steve Still Needs:

--School Notebooks
--Desk Lamp
--Shower Caddy
--Laundry Detergent / Softener
--Shampoo / Soap
--Toothbrush / toothpaste
--New Boxers / socks
--New shoes
--2 Pillows
--Ziploc Bags
--Paper towels
--First Aid Kit
--Pencils / Sharpener
--Broom / Dustpan
--Laptop Case
--USB Laptop Mouse
--Clear Boxing Tape
--Razor / Shaving cream

***Contributions are appreciated***

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. . . . . [
8/7/06 - 6:49 am
[ mood | angry ]


"You know, I could have sworn that I gave it to Brittany...."

^Famous last words because that bitch is dead.

Why must I be plauged by stupid people ruining my life? That idiot Kara Post claims to have given my class ring (after stealing it from me, by the way) to Brittany B and I beileved her becuase that meant there was hope of finding it. Oh boy was I wrong. Apparently, she never gave it to Brittany and that she just lost it. LOST IT. Stupidcuntassbitchwhythehellareyoustillliving!!!! 


Thing That Doesn't Make Sense #5,345 [
8/4/06 - 5:08 pm
[ mood | excited ]


(I've been counting by the way)

So Best Buy has computers. Best Buy has video games. So it would make sense that Best Buy would have video games for the computer. Makes sense, right? Wrong. They don't. This makes me angry.

But I did walk home with a computer at least. It's a laptop notebook with Intel Centrino processor (sorry for everyone who reccomended AMD Turion) with 100 GB of memory and 512 Mb of DDR2 Hardrive, a three year warranty for any kind of internal or external accidents, and its name is Aarron. 

I'm now gung-ho on this whole college thing.

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Orientation [
8/2/06 - 8:20 pm
[ mood | anxious ]


So Orientation was pretty awesome. They took us to a room where they had an old-fashioned video reel where we watched the standard orientation video. Some Asian guy named Dr. Marvin Candle explained that the college specializes in zoology, meteorology, electromagnetism, psycology, parapsychology, and social sciences. Then he said that what we do at college is of the upmost importance. He said that we should divide up into pairs and take alternating shifts pressing a button that will ultimately save the world. Weird.

Okay, so that didn't happen. But what really happened was extremely boring. I took some lame tests. I sat in a room and listened to some people say some really lame things. Seriusly, these speakers said some of the corniest and cheesiest things ever. "These will be the greatest years of your life," "You will form some of the best friendships ever," "blah blah blah i'm fat and have two kidney stones."

But there is something rather noteworthy about the whole experience. I present . . . 


For people who read cereal boxes to tell the future... [
7/26/06 - 5:53 pm
[ mood | amused ]

Well I did get to see "Godzilla Lady in the Water" this afternoon despite all that jazz. And it was pretty good. Just a note, it's not the kind of movie you would expect it to be. So I'm just glad that I liked what I saw. Then again, I am a big fan of "The Village" too. 

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Story of My Life [
7/26/06 - 6:39 am
[ mood | aggravated ]

So I have done nothing all summer. I have sat around and watched Animal Planet and Jeopardy, played Tomb Raiders 1-4, have spent my afternoons trying to read, and I've gotten up EVERY MORNING to deliver those stupid papers. I don't do much. I don't really get out much. So, why is it that the only time I ever want to go out and do something exciting, my parents decide it's the perfect time to swamp me with chores? I MEAN COME ON! GEEZ!!!

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In With the New [
7/20/06 - 1:45 pm
[ mood | content ]


So, I have no idea what I was thinking when I decided to rename my LJ 'swiss_tacomeat.' I mean, I thought it sounded cool when I saw it online, so I renamed my journal appropriately, but it seems REALLY lame right now.

I am undergoing this whole college transition. Yes, I bet that I'm going to be one of those "OMG! IT'S COLLEGE! HOW KEWL!" kind of freshmen that any kind of upperclassmen would just respond with, "......and?" But I've been changing everything for college. Computers, books, and all that stuff. So why not just get a new LiveJournal name or something? It seems like a good idea. But I just want to bounce this idea off of everyone else and see what you think.

I really appreciate this LJ. It's not like it's so amazingly important where I can just let loose with my bottled-up emotions and all that da-RAMA, but I really like it. So it is not going away, even though I am not. But I would like a new username. Something that, I dunno, is cool, but has a deeper meaning altogether. 

[[Not necessarily a dramatic meaning. It could be something like (even though I would never use this) TuesdayAfternoon354658 which is my favorite time of the week (yeah, right) but is actually the time of the week where I first tried sushi. Crazy stuff like that. It doesn't have to be too serious, but not too flimsy]]

I will be on the lookout for a really cool name and I am also open for suggestions. I do plan to use this new one as much as I can throughout college. Hopefully. Yeah.

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Hellooooooooooooo Nurse! [
7/19/06 - 11:04 pm

I am eating Chicken Noodle Soup right now and you cannot believe how happy I am. It's the thought that counts.

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Strange But True [
7/19/06 - 10:06 am
[ mood | angry ]


So there have been almost a hundred and fifty-two robberies all over Elyria this summer. The police have been frantically trying to find who the alleged person or persons responsible for these crimes. It's been in the papers saying what kind of steps they are taking to catch these criminals and whatnot and what they plan to do with all this.... breaking the law stuff. 

Suffice to say, the police are pretty occupied. They cannot possibly be bothered by stupid little misdemeanors that misunderstandably occur within the city or have the time to issue out warnings and meaningless violations. I mean, if something really small and insignificant happened, at MOST they would just give a word of caution and inform you about the technical laws of the city. They would NEVER make a huge deal out of something so simple.

Or so I thought.

Let me set the scene: It's about three-thirty on a hot Tuesday afternoon. I am returning from the store out near the mall area and am riding my bike. I cannot ride my bike down 57 for the obvious reasons so I take the route I have taken at least fifty times before - I ride my bike through Cascade Park. Now, the hill on the West River entrance to Cascade is incedibly steep (so steep in fact, that they have a sign that insists that you walk your bike down the hill), but that has never bothered nor scared me before.  So I make some safety precautions first, ie, checking for oncoming cars, looking to see if there is anything dangerous on the road, seeing if anyone is behind me, that sort of thing. So, knowing that the coast is clear, I let loose and zoom down the hill.

And then I hear sirens.
So I ride on the very belt of the road once I get to the bottom and wait for the cop to pass me. For a moment, I had a fleeting thought of just riding very fast to the ford to escape the cop because as a bike I could get thorugh but not him, but then I didn't because I thought, Why the hell would he be after me anyways? I didn't do anything wrong. So I continue to ride slowly to let him pass me, but he's still beeping and won't pass me up. So finally, I get the hint that somehow or other I'm the person he wants.

I stop my bike and he gets. He's a tall guy, about in his forties with short light almost grayign hair and wears ridiculous sunglasses like they all do. He asks for some identification. You never lie to a cop. Or, at least I would never. I was too intimidated to even think about lying to him. So I say yeah, I got this and show him my wallet. At this point I am pissed off. I am so mad that this whole thing is even taking place. What the hell!? But I remained polite with all my modest 'yes sirs' and 'no sirs' and 'of course sirs.' But in that flat-out authoritative voice that means he's not only talking business, but he's going to make you feel like shit by having his voice more riased than yours, he speaks.

Officer: Son, can you ride a bike?
Me: Yes sir.
Officer: Have you ever taken any kind of training?
Me: For my bike, sir?
Officer: Any kind of training in general.
Me: Yes sir. I suppose.
Officer: And can you learn street signs?
Me: Yes sir.
Offficer: Are you aware that there is a sign at the top of that hill that says WALK BIKE DOWN HILL?
Me: Yes sir.
Officer: Now cars are only allowed to go 10mph down that hill and you were going a hell of a lot more than that and you were straight out out-of-control.
Me: I'm sorry, sir.

Out of control? Like I've said, I've been down that hill so many times that I can say that I've mastered it. I was not out of control. Then he went on and on in that stern authoritative voice that makes you think you've done something to deserve it. He was talking about me getting hit by cars and all that other mumbo-jumbo about obeying the laws of the road, even though I was still on a bike. Then, he said

Officer: Do you realize that you can and will get two violation points on your license?
Me: No, sir.
Officer: If you get four that's a ninety day prevention on your license and if you get six that's a six month prevention.
Me: I see, sir.
Officer: Son, have you ever been to court?
Me: No, sir.
Officer: Have you ever been to a juvenile hall?
Me: No, sir.
Officer: Well, that's where you're going.

He went back to his car to do whatever cops do when they go back to their cars. This was bogus. Absolutely Bogus. Violation points I could probably wrap my head around, but even that is stretching it a little too far. But what the hell was this utter shit about going to juvenile hall? This damn cop is patronizing me! He doesn't have that kind of power nor does he know that a judge will send me to DH. I couldn't believe that I was actually there in the middle of Cascade park, cop harrassing me aout riding down a hill and threatening to send me to the DH. So I wait and begin to contemplate if I was actually going to go to court over this whole fiasco too and then he comes back.

Officer: Steffan, (he pronounced my name stef-fawn which really pissed me further), you have two choices. You can take the two violation points on your license and enjoy the long walk to juvenile hall, or you can take your bike and walk up that hill and not come back into the park for the rest of the day. 

He gave me back my license and I put it back in my wallet and said

Me: Well, I guess I will take that walk up the hill then, sir.

Then, as if the situation wasn't bad enough, he looks at the bag I am holding that I bought at Target. I thought that maybe he was impressed or something that I would attempt such a daring feat while holding a fairly large bag with something breakable inside. 

Officer: Son, do you have a receipt for that?

Are you kidding? Now you think that I may have stolen something too? That idea seemed so incredible. I just went to target and shoplifted and made my getaway through Cascade and that is why I was speeding becuase I was evading the other cops. But looks like the game is up! You caught me! 

Now this is the funny thing. Erin Lottman checked out my purchases at Target today and she asked if I wanted my receipt. I said that receipts are pretty much useless and that I didn't think I would be returning these anyways, but she had already gone through the troubling of putting the reciept into my bag. She could have very well been the superherione that saved my day. I took out the receipt and showed it to the cop and he looked at it, then at me, then at the receipt and then gave it back to me. 

Then with some further lecturing about the rules of the road and obeying the law, he saw me to the foot of the hill and I walked up it and never looked back.

What the hell!? I am still so bamboozled by the whole thing. It seems so incredible but I was just lucky enough to get the one cop in Elyria who actually enjoys picking on young kids who ride bikes down hills. I wish I could have been Blake because then I would have been stopped by the cop who hates his job and would go to great length in lecturing me about choosing a job you can see yourself in in thrity years rather than reprimanding me for my misbehavior. Oh well. Life has a way of throwing you those obscure curve balls. And heaven knows I've been getting a lot of them lately....

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Two tears in a bucket.... motherfuckit. [
7/17/06 - 8:35 pm
[ mood | chipper ]


I did hang out with Katie today and it was glorious. That's what happens when Kevin Spacey, Bobby Fischer, Johannes Brahms, and the little Maruchan guy get together and wreak excitment into my life. (I finished Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and a half-hearted review can bee seen on the other journal.) 

There is absolutely nothing to eat. And there is quite a rumbly in my tumbly. 

And I must let everyone know....
WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111

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"They don't have special housing assignments for dumbasses" [
7/15/06 - 12:15 pm
[ mood | excited ]

Residence Hall: Academic House (3021 W. Bancroft)
Room: 01041
Floor: 01
Phone Number: 676-3299
Occupancy Type: Triple
Special Purpose: No special purpose
Number of Beds: 3

Academic House (3021 W. Bancroft) Floor 01

Notice how that the four-person dorms are twice as big as the two-person dorms, and we only hvae three people living in one four-person dorm. That's a lot of room.  I'm so pumped.

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I'll sneek quietly unnoticed like a big sneeky quiet unnoticable thingy. [
7/10/06 - 9:17 pm
[ mood | blah ]


Today was absolutely devastating. I missed Jeopardy. What the hell have I been doing with my summer to deserve this?

Besides that crucial dissapointment, I have sucessfully cleaned out the old bathroom and it still looks like shit. Golly Moses. I can't be doing chores all summer. It's not healthy. But then again, I'm the only one who is home all day. Joey goes off with his trashy girlfriend and pothead friends and Jacqui (who is away at camp at the moment) finds company with all the six year olds on the street. And Phil is usually sleeping away or hanging out with..... I can't bring myself to even type her name, but you all know whom I speak of. And I just idly stay inside finding comfort in reading. Midnight is amazing. I can't wait to see the movie.

My party was pretty good. Not as bodacious as it was made out to be, but it was still a good time. Everyone who came, thanks a lot for helpin' a brotha out. And for those of you who did not come, well, pease poridge hot. It was lame though that I had to help clean everything up the next day. LAME. I could have been home doing other stuff...... like doing nothing again.

I got my AP test results back. I got a 2 on the calculus part (gee, no suprose there) which is ironic because I could have gotten a 3 if I tried. Wait. What the hell. I couldn't have gotten a 3 on that test if Ms Bayless was a good teacher. I got a 3 on the english test. Now, I wish they showed you your score on each section of the test. Two of my essays were kick ass. The multiple choice was lame. LAME. But I still get some credit out of it. I hate full blown college tests like this. I'm still not over the ACT. STUPID STANDARDIZED TESTING!!!

So I have a lot of money. I mean, a LOT of money. I guess throwing a party wasn't such a bad idea after all. All the money is going toward a new laptop and the rest is going to my own personal in-college fund which will be basically spending money while I'm down there. Before long I have to post up a picture of our suite. It's pretty amazing. Steve, Ben, and I are occupying a 4-person suite and it's only us three. It's huge. BIG! And Becca is going to stay the night and hang out all the time and such. Man. I love it. I am pumped for this whole college thing. Orientation is coming up soon and I will get my class schedule and such. I feel like Harry Potter in his first year. Okay. That was a lame thing to say.

The phone calls, the IMs, the irrational movie choices, the depression, the cheesecake, and all the other weird things are not going away. I need to contact Evan and see what he's up to. I'm sure he can bring some excitement back into my life. Unlike Josh who was amazing for a grand total of SIX MINUTES and just up and left me in the cold. I need to get a hold of him again.

I also missed American Dad last night because Drew Barrymore captivated me for a whole two hours. Damn. And I was excite that that show was back on.

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7/9/06 - 3:22 pm
Hey Thomas. I know you can see this. Call me. Let's chat.

7/7/06 - 2:19 am

You guys....

Something weird is going on.

I mean, it's not like it's a OMGWTFIGO!!!?? thing

but something strange is out there.
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Eternity in an Hour, an Entry in Three Minutes [
7/4/06 - 8:30 pm
[ mood | drained ]


Okay. Here it goes. My entire entry in exactly three minutes. GO!

Went the the uncleandaunts house today for the 4th of july and had a jolly time if anything. I so totally won at Clue. Yesterday was okay. Lately i've been Reading Midnight/Gardn/Good/Evil and it's pretty fantastic. I had one fo those talks with Tasha the other night and explained things. She said I did a good job but I still feel as if everything was out of control. Yikes. Oh yeah. the whole fireworks thing was last night. I had a AMAZING time with beth Campbell and the fireworks werent as spectacular as in years past. Oh and Andy Norris said something very suspicious during our talk about..... Alias Thomas O'Connor. This blows. I'm upset that I don't know. Umm. I feel that weird midnight delerium and it's only eight thirty. What does that tell you?

Okay. Three minutes. Nice.

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My heart has joined the Thousand.... [
6/29/06 - 10:29 pm
[ mood | fsgwethcgt ]


So I've decided that I am absolutely in love with Watership Down. Seriously, if you haven't heard me talk about it enough already, you will be annoyed the hell out of in these coming weeks. I was considering putting up an icon or two from the movie, but I decided I can go farther than that. 

Yesterday was amazing. It was legendary! It was Extreme! And.... and some say.... some say that steve's life grew three sizes that day. 

It started off pretty normal (and by normal I mean boring as hell) and then I went to the Mall..... OF DOOM! I was quite pleased to be accompanied by Blake and Katie.... OF SOME EXTREME HISTORICAL SIGNIFAGANCE!!!  And we went into the exquisitely charming Hot Topic store.... OF DEATH AND DECAY!!! And it was rather lovely when we ate some pretzels.... OF ALMOST CERTAIN PERIL!!!!

Then I went to go paint. Cue Charriots of Fire.

Then Tasha and I had a rather lovely evening watching The Hills Have Eyes.... on her hammock! I t was amazing. Steve Borne (and Becca too) saved the day and Tasha, Me, Emily, and little Kavi lived. It was quite the adventure.

Today was not so much the goodness. Although Jennifer won on Jeopardy. I have quite the happiness for her. And I listened to Bjork. How entertaining!

Oh. By the way. If your name is, sounds likes, or is similar to Thomas O'Conner in any way shape or form, I will hunt you down and find out who the hell is behind the cellular torment!!! I know how to do this!!! I saw that episode of Friends where they celebrate Emma's first birthday and they order an X-rated cake!!!!


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